Some Important Questions For Visa Interview

Some Important Questions For Visa Interview

Visa interview are considered as a threat for the interviewees and they are afraid that why they are going through such drill but immigration authorities basically ask for these interviews just to know why you want to go to other country? Who you are? And want to explore some thing about your personality. Following can be the interview questions that might be asked by the immigration authorities.

1. Why move to Australia

This question is most asked to the immigrant who wants to move to Australia. Actually you will come across this question many times in the application form as well so every time the reason provided should be same because if you will change it that will put them in suspicion and doubt about you.
2. What is your profession

If you want to stay in Australia for long time and want to do job there than you have to explain that in what way and how you can benefit to economy and market of the country. If you are skilled and you have those required talents that are in demand in Australia then you can easily move to that place.
3. Family ties

This is the most asked question as immigration authorities will ask you about your family and if luckily your family already exists in Australia then it is easy for you to get visa but the other way round does not mean that you can not qualify for the visa.
4. What is your income

Immigration authorities ask this question to know that whether you will be able to support your self and your family in Australia and you are not going to act as a burden. If you are self sufficient and have handsome salary then it will be easy for you to get visa.
5. How long will you stay

You should know exactly that why you are going to Australia and for how long you have plans to stay there.
6. Scenario questions

Immigration authorities will ask many “what if” questions these are situational questions that will put you in bit confusion. Like if this will happen then what will you do? Before answering such questions you have to firstly think properly about the answers in your mind and then reply to them.

Be clear, confident, fair and honest while giving your answers after doing your part this is their responsibility that whether they consider you as eligible to go to Australia or not.


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