Learning Online Marketing: The Best Blogging Tool for Beginners

Learning Online Marketing: The Best Blogging Tool for Beginners

The biggest challenge for beginning online marketers is learning how to manage one's

own Web space and create a profitable site. But when you begin with leading legitimate

online marketing instructors Wealthy Affiliate, Web site creation and development is

practically done for you! As a member of online marketing community Wealthy Affiliate,

I can heartily recommend WordPress as the best blogging tool for those who are

starting out. Why? Because I started using it long before Wealthy Affiliate did.

As a music journalist, I saw many of my colleagues go out of business when fans

turned from magazines to the Internet. I, however, decided to figure out how to

continue my work online, learning a new language called HTML. I got a site up and

running, and for nearly a decade updated it no more than twice weekly. Then, in the

same way that the Internet had rendered print journalism nearly obsolete, another

revolution took place.

Blogging, and the technology it involved, came into vogue. Static HTML pages are not

made to be updated quickly, and I realized I would have to trade them in for dynamic

PHP-based pages if I was going to stay in business. Besides, I saw that "bloggifying"

my site would mean instant archiving and easier use of YouTube as well as faster

updating. So I went on a search for the best blogging tool. filled the bill because while blogging tools like supply

you with a domain name and Web space, I already had those. It installed within

minutes, made it very easy to learn the process of setting up a database, and

introduced me to the world of posts, pages, and pingbacks. Its galaxy of plugins

makes it possible to do everything from automatically back up your databases to put a

Google search engine on your site. Best of all, WordPress doesn't expect anyone to

be fluent in PHP programming!

Four years later, I retired from music journalism and took up online marketing. I always

felt a little guilty writing for sites like Squidoo because I still had my own server. But I

began using it for my own Web sites once my WA training showed me how to create

optimized Web pages, and to buy domain names based on keywords relevant to what

people were searching for.

Because most Wealthy Affiliate members do not have backgrounds in HTML, PHP, or

managing Web space, two new features were added: Web hosting, and a program that

allows you to create and format a complete Web site with just a few mouse clicks. Its

name? WordPress Express!


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