Top Professions for Students

Top Professions for Students

If you're a student entering college, you've embarked on a journey. You've taken the first step out of the nest, and next you'll begin to plot your career course. Picking the right occupation will become a top priority in the years to come, and may even determine what kind of student loans you choose.

The first hurdle in your college career is over: You've been accepted by the admissions department. You may have lined up a student loan, picked out your courses, and settled into your dorm or apartment. Now the tough part looms: choosing a career.

If you're a freshman, there's no reason to lose sleep over your career choice. But you should start thinking about long-term goals, and which occupation will be most fulfilling. It's true that some of these occupations will require more student loans than others, but they'll also yield significantly higher salaries. Your selection, however, should not be based only on salary. Make your decision by determining what aligns best with your interests.
Degrees get dollars

The jobs described in this article are traditional occupations. Other careers, more entrepreneurial in nature, are difficult to categorize and aren't included. By sticking to these tried and true careers, you can approach your selection with the understanding that the higher your level of education, the larger your earnings will potentially be. A career that involves a professional degree-like a lawyer or doctor-should result in a higher salary. Most doctoral degrees produce jobs around $90,000, and Master's degree salaries are in the mid-$60,000 range. Bachelor's degrees fall around $50,000. Regardless of which level of education that you choose, it beats the alternative: People with only a high school diploma may see their earning potential restricted to around $30,000.

These salary estimates don't account for promotions or other types of advances. They're merely benchmarks to help you set your sights on the appropriate level of schooling.
Big bucks to big rewards

Among careers that require a professional degree, surgeons tend to be the most highly compensated. Other degrees that command high salaries are aligned with the medical field, and can include pharmacists, chiropractors, optometrists, and veterinarians.

Top-paying doctoral degree positions include occupations such as psychiatrists, psychologists, medical scientists, and post-secondary schoolteachers. The most lucrative Master's degree positions are physical therapists, hydrologists, and instructional coordinators. For Bachelor's degrees, the highest paying jobs are dominated by IT-related fields, and also include physicians' assistants.

Making a career choice is never an easy decision. It involves matching your talents and passion to the right occupation. The most important part of the process is not to become overwhelmed. Many people switch careers, and a decision you make today is not set in stone. However, top paying jobs require a long-term commitment and a lot of schooling. Consider these careers carefully before you pursue the big bucks.


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